2 week break while on vacation

31 08 2008

There is a lot to write about but a well deserved vacation is comming up and there will be little to no activity on this blog for the duration.

Fly safe all !

Running the pipe

26 08 2008

Saturday we mostly sat on the P3EN / Obe gate but later a run up the pipe to TVN was planned.  I had played rearguard the most of the day. Nothing much happened. For over 5 hours I watched the swirling colors of the large bubble we had placed.

around 21:00 we moved out in a medium sized fleet of 40 assorted vessels. Our destination was set for TVN where small engagements were taking place between TRI and the northern coalition.

The trip was quite uneventful and we knew TRI was with their fleet in TVN so we expected no troubles.

Jumping into TVN was were the exitement started. The ship sensors of our ships were a long time recovering from the mass jump in and we lost 3 ships to a TRI sniper fleet that eventualy was chased off by a pure fleet comming our aid.

My ship was hurdeled over 100.000 km into space in an emergency warp out that my ship is predesigned to perform whenever control is lost for a certain amount of time.

As I warped back to the gate the first that came into view was a TRI nano gang engaging the Pure fleet.

TRI got out amazingly clean, loosing only 3 ships in an engagemnt that could very well have turned into a disaster had Pure had an interdictor.

The local comms channel, though not of the quality of the empire ones, contained  much profanity. I do not mind a witty remark from one fleet to another but the level that TRI displayed was amazingly low.

It clearly indicates that there is not as much common ground in TRI alliance as may seem. The leadership of most of the corps are old veteran pod pilots and are above such “smack”. A leaddership must be strong and one of the best way to display such is though the dicipline of ones pilots. The lack of selfcontrol of the individual pilot speaks volumes about the alliance as a whole. Anyway I wonder if they are ready to hold space.

While the KIA gang roamed the space I held my watch and eventualy powered down the ship in a remote location.

Going out on a friday night

23 08 2008

It was early friday night but I was already drunk. I usualy dont drinkand when I do it has a profound impact. I had an argument with the Gallente girl. Arguments happen every so often when Im idle for long periods. I need something to do and the expedition to Stain had not satisfied my urge to swell in glorified combat.

Stumbling out of the bar located in the Jita station orbiting planet 4 I stumble into other pilots and civilians. I know im being rude but need to get some steam off. Im not looking for a fight but aint avoiding it either. Im mentally in another space where comon sense does not play a significant role. I need to get out. Not sure where to, anywhere but this overcrowded station where all and everything is for sale.

Salvation came in the shape of a buzzing sound from the neocom.

General KIA mobilization alert incomming…

Just waiting while the mico processors open the message I can feel how a wave of “calm” rush in to take the place of the urgency I felt before. I have a purpose again. I have a goal and slowly the world fall in to its proper shape. We all have this sence of losing perspective from time to time and KIA is a focal point that helps me concentrate and stay on track.

The orders is to get in Carrier fleet, stock up on ships and move to Obe. Rumor has it that the alliance TRI has resurrected and have started to push HYDRA from their space in order to make it their own. The name P3EN spings to my mind as the palce where we had some epic fights vs HYDRA. Never an agressive alliance they have however always fought back.

I have to sober up and get in another clone not full of implants and hardwireing. I rush to the medical center of the station and stumble upon fellow KIA pilots also heeding the call.

A quick blink of white light and we are in the TDE station in Geminate. Instantly transported lightyears away. Stepping out clone vat bay, I had a short shower before heading straight to the briefing room.

Eddz were at the speaker stand with Tjakka and some Daisho leaders as they laid out their plans for quick incursions in the Vale. Everyone paid close attention as the tactical situation of the Vale was explained and options laid out. eXceed, DOOM and some other corps were in the system of TVN having cleared out P3EN. Mainly they were busy decoration their new price, the outpost in TVN.

Of note is that BoB is roaming the north in their mega fleet not doing much but kicking ant hills and downing POSs. The Northern coalition seems to be unable to make up their minds if to protect the Vale or fight BoB.

This friday night KIA would jump to Obe and take up possition in and around P3EN and wait further notice.

Ending the meeting the pilots went for their “wet graves” and ships. A parade of ships undocked one after another while the logistic ground personel called for extra space on the carriers for Battleships, Heavy Assault Ship, Interdictors and Reconships.

I undocked Juturna and caught a brief glimpse of Varuna amidst a sea of ships, her heavy armor plates, protecting the undock point of her fighters, dully reflected the sun.

As more and more ships undocked I took up position behind the station to get a better view.

DAI was jumping their fleet in as well adding to the frustration of the officers trying to organise the logistics without collisions in front of the station.

In space there is no sound but yet space itself vibrates when the KIA titan enters the system. If one has never witnessed the presence of a Titan it cannot be explained by mere words.

The main stay of the BS fleet was subsequently bridged by the titan to Obe and the carriers made the jump themselfs.

A single hostile carrier was reported in Obe and an attemp was made to ram it out of docking distance as our capital fleet jumped in.

Well arrived in Obe the pilots changed into non-capital ships and moved into P3EN and took up position on the out gate to Obe, hoping for TRI to make their move as it was now their space being violated.

Only time will tell what will happen in this battle tested system called P3EN where fleets crash and lives are lost in firery glory. And so, for now, we await the response of TRI…

I hear Ombey after docking up Varuna updated his log on the operation, see Ombeve.

The road home is long

20 08 2008

KIA has returned home from Stain and have been back in TDE for almost two weeks now. Personally I have taken a trip to Jita to look up on the Gallentean girl.

Xenobytes performed excellent in Stain and more often than not we found that they were able to take down equal size fleets. They had a firm grip on the system 4GQ-XQ but we made frequent incursions. However taking a system that is owned by Sanshas Nation is very hard and almost always become a matter of willpower. When I was based out of T-8 in FM-C we had two incidents where we simply just stayed in system for a period of two months before the besigeres gave up. They could move in and live but never make it their home as long as we sat in the stations and hunted their ratters and industrials whenever they were low on numbers.

I lost a Sabre and a Manticore in the engagements and consider it a very small price to pay for crossing arms with some of the best pilots in EvE. The Sabre was lost when I tried to cover the back of the fleet as we retreated from 4GQ-XQ as the Xenobytes brought out capitalships. The manticore was lost in a solo accident mostly due to my lack of experience with Stealth Bombers. But Im getting better at using them.

I salute Xenobytes for their capabilities and take home a lesson or two again.

For now I’ll hang out in Jita with the girl and see what time brings.

Deployment to Stain

4 08 2008

So here I am, back where it all began. Stain has been and will always be my nemesis. Whatever I do, like try to join an alliance in the far north, I end up in Period Basis next to Stain. Join a mercenary outfit, and we deploy to Stain. Figures…

As if that is not enough we are fighting in no less than three regions. Stain, Feythabolis and Esoteria. The two of them are completely new to me despite having lived so close to them for over a year.

Of note are the system 4GQ-XQ in Stain, in which Stain Empire (SE) lives. Stain Empire, and specifically Xenobytes, were the first ever true combat pilots I ever crossed. Crossed is a fine word for when they crippled 3 of my ravens in less than 2 weeks. On the other hand I learned from them and have never lost another Raven to roaming gangs.

Another system of note is C9N-CC in Esoteria, a system which Stain Empire was recently evicted from. The system has a legacy in that it still holds the wreck of the first Titan to go down. The system has some of the most vivid colors Ive ever seen. A deep blue and grey star field, a piercing red sun and some spectacular light blue and white nebulae.

As the last system of note is AZN-D2 in Feythabolis. A goon controlled system that was the staging point for the attack on C9N-CC. Also the landing zone of the KIA dropships.

On sunday afternoon we moved out from TDE in a large gang consisting mainly of Heavy Assault Ships. I was in my trusty Sabre.

We moved casually along with scouts out. Shortly after having left Geminate region we encountered a Rapier which we ignored as we were eager to get to the destination. It became aparrent that he was following us and a camp was set up at the in-gate in UD-AOK. The pilot magichka jumped into my bubble and was promtly disposed of.

Closing in on C9N-CC, which was our original destination, we were informed that a large fleet fight was taking place and it was not the place to be in our nifty HACs. As a result AZN-D2 was chosen as new destination and headquarter of KIA for the duration of our stay.

Along the way we passed through some spectacular systems of untold beaty and mystery. We even passed some strange looking vessels. We did not bother them and they left us alone as well.

As we came closer to our destination more and more combat vessels appeared. Scared, victorious and proud they roamed and patrolled. There was no doubt we were entering a warzone where everyone was hunter and prey. Goons and Tau Ceti Federation (TCF) gangs and fleets became more and more frequent. We had some banter in the local comms channel, but most of  the TCF spoke a strange dialect, which rumor has it, has its roots in the original Gallente language. They tend to put in a lot of ‘z’s in their pronunciation of words often replacing ‘th’…

After docking up in AZN-D2 and getting settled we took the ships out for a spin and went by C9N-CC.

I was happy to get the chance to see the behemoth of “STEVE” the Avatar Titan wreck. I warped well past it to get a good approach. Smoldering fires can still be observed which must be remains of some engineparts still turning being held in motion by repair drones and nano robots that have not registered the demise of the ship.

We will soon move out as we get comfortable with our new surroundings.