RL calls, RL answers…

24 09 2008

Two weeks vacation has turned into a wedding.

Yes I proposed… sigh…

My EvE activity has grounded to an abosolute halt.

I wish I could write about the Frig Turney, the Red Alliance incursions, the short war VS Evoke and OB, the visit we had from Garmon (famous C&P eve-o forum celeb) and his folks.

It will have to wait an additional week or two till we have the “plans” firmed up.

Hope you all enjoy EvE and fly safe in the mean time.




6 responses

24 09 2008

Congrats on the engagement, mate πŸ˜€
Best wishes to you and the future Mrs. Wotlankor

24 09 2008

Congratulations!!! Good luck to you both!!!!

26 09 2008

Dude 😦

I need to read another blog about KIA as I know what mine says already.

Hurry up and plan the wedding already πŸ˜›

29 09 2008

yeah yeah, im writing as fast as I can, im in lack of time πŸ˜›

29 09 2008

Congrats on the proposal and the wedding planning!

Lack of time? Just sleep less man, that’s what I do! πŸ™‚

29 09 2008

Ill take that advice into consideration πŸ˜›

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