The idea of an EvE blog was inspired by Ombey. You may also find a link to his blog in the right side control panel.

After reading one of his recaps I was puzzeled cause I was taking part of a fleet fight I had not been in. It was a great feeling and I’ve always been a fan of reading books. In this case a blog can make it out for a short story.

I hope my blog will give some insight as to how KIA operate and along the way I hope to introduce my readers (if there are any) to some of the great people I spend hours with on end with in the fictional world called EvE.

The blog is a mixed write up of my two Characters krede and Wotlankor. I dont distinguis between them as I use them both equally much and enjoy their specialties. By flying I mean that the character can at least fully tech II fit the ship.

The events taking place should be taken with “a grain of salt” as some events are twisted either to entertain or be more “roleplayable”. I am not a roleplayer pr se but like to write as such. It should be apparent where I put a little extra butter on the bread like in “Fall of the mighty”.

My characters:


Flies the heavy ships such as Gallente Battle Ships, Carriers, Dreadnought and occacionally a HAC. krede is an old miner char so he flies the Hulk as well. But mostly you will find him in his trusty Megathron, yelling at his 425mm gunners.


He is the undercover pilot or “light and fast” pilot. He flies Caldari Falcon, Stealth Bomber, Covert OP and the Crow. He also flies the Minmatar Sabre and Vagabond and are fast approaching an Eagle.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back periodically.

KIA – Wotlankor

2 responses

22 08 2008

Added you to my list of EVE Bloggers. Looking forward to more!

23 08 2008

And more you shall have 🙂

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