The promised land

20 05 2008

And so it came to pass that we setteled in the system of T-8 in a southern region called Stain.

We encountered little resistance as some spread corps were encountered and thrown out.

We negotiated peace with a corp called Black Sun.

We lived in relative peace for quite some time.
Then the incursions became frequent.
An alliance called -A- started preying on our pilots and so did a corp called Xeno Bytes.
In two weeks time I lost 3 Battleship class Ravens.
A tremendous loss for a pilot who has gad his wings for under a year.

We formed up and started offering resistance but were no real match for the lightning fast tech II heavy assaultships.
All we could offer on the field of battle was regular tech I ships and very very few tech II ships.
One the other hand the smaller ships failed to wreck significant dammage on our BS fleet.
A stallmate.

Life went on and incursions occured but were less frequent.

Eventualy we laid a plan for forming an alliance called Insomnia.
It looked promissing on paper but we were double crossed and internal fighting broke out.
for over 4 months we fought in our home systems. Noone earned any ISK and all took losses.
Eventualy we managed to throw out the “would be alliance mates” that had backstabbed us.
They joined a small alliance called COVEN.

Events unfolded around us that we were unaware off.
The Great War had begun to take shape.

We had small border fights with COVEN and other residents of Stain but never anything that escalated.
For some months we lived in relative peace again. Even -A- and Xeno Bytes did not come around anymore.

That was untill Exceed arrived. From out of nowhere our space was violated and Exceed and COVEN pushed into our domains in larger and larger numbers.
It got to the point that we hired a merc alliance called Mercenary Coalition.
A dreaded and dangerous coalition of the most bloodthirsty corporations that above all hailed money.

Alas, they only prolonged the enevitable. FM-C and Insomnia was at an end.
Our fleet was demoralized, internal struggeling and increasing demands put a strain on us all.

I found myself leaving the corporation with a tide of others.

I choose to go back to high sec space for a while and think things over.

Moving to 0.0

20 05 2008

And behold what was dangerous and daring became regular ventures into what is termed “low security” space or refered to as “low sec”.

My corp mate from previously has advanced to the Ferox Battle Cruiser and we had a few more adventures untill the day he was called to 0.0 space.

0.0 space is for the new pod pilot a daunting and dangerous place. Older pod pilots tell tales of great battles fought over the untold riches and warn us younger pilots to step carefull, its not just war but there is also politics involved.

I desided to fly up with my corp mate and get setteled in “the north”. My corporation was part of an alliance called that held a few systems.
It was quite a few jumps out and it was one of the most terrorfying flights ive ever done.
Nothing happened but I expected to be attacked at every jump.
Arriving at destination I got assigned with a room in the station and hit the sheets.

Next day I took my Caracal out for a spin.
I even with the help of some alliance mates took down a Battle Crusier belonging to the Guristas.
almost 200.000 ISK was instantly transfered to my account.
How could anyone run short of cash in such a place?

They joy was however shortlived as my corp left the alliance a few day later with orders to assemble in Shesha.
Located in Amarr Empire space and close to the notorious system of Tash Murkon.
Also close to Sagain a known low sec system that is the offset point for numerous Capital ships.
So far the only Capital ship I had seen was the Freighters slowboating around in Empire space.
I was exited ! Exhilarated ! I was gonna see real live Capital ships !
Not only that, I was going to fly next to them. Battle formation.

And then failure. Utter epic failure as something in the negotiations had gone wrong and we had no access to 0.0 space.
No cap ships. No grand fleet. No nothing.

We were dishearthened but our CEO had a plan.
A cunning one.
We would claim space for ourself.
30 Pilots vs the world !

I felt ready as I completed my training for the mighty battle cruiser the Ferox.
Its superb tanking abilities, its multitude of launcher slots.
It was just the stuff needed to take and hold space by force.

A few weeks passed as I hunted in the high sec regions and even tried to mine a few asteriods.
Ive never really liked the sound of lazers and mining was yet another lazer occupation.
I.e. not meant for me.

We finally disembarked with the destination set for the system that we came to call T-8.