Carebearing till next contract

5 06 2008

The word has gone out that KIA is reforming for next contract. I went to the hangar floor to see what shape my Megathron was in and oversee preparations. Had to purchase new drones as Hydra wasted my perfectly good drone. The 425mm guns needed some attention too and a restock of the volatile antimatter charges was also called for. The dents in the armor caused by the Raven it wears proudly and I’m arguing whether to correct em or not. As long as it does not cause structural instability I’m OK with having a scar or two.

For the last week I have been making money. I hate to hunt pirates in 0.0 but even worse is working for scraps for the caldari navy. Guess we are expected to do our part as good citizens. Since we were banished from our home in 0.0 I have seen my income dwindle. At the same time I have had no real expenses. I bought a mechanic skill to be uploaded to my neo com. It is the aim to get some research done so I can get a passive income from selling data cores. Ive gotten an agent that earns me two data cores pr day so far. I hope to soon find a better one.

I dusted off my old Raven for the missioning. It had seen better days. Desided to throw some capacitor control circuit’s to get a better regulation of capacitor flow. 6 Cruise Launchers of the tech II version was also called for. I walked around the ship as the hangar engineers mounted them. They know their job but I still don’t trust anyone completely with such a sophisticated ship as the Raven with it’s high tech shield technology.

A relative new industry has rissen and is the art of salvaging wrecks. Scavenging really. But it pays well, so a tractorbeam and a salvager module was fitted as well.

In order to sustain and keep an even more stable capacitor flow I had 4 capacitor power relays installed along with tech II damage control.

After some bargaining with the local shield pusher I finally I got a good deal on two shield boost amplifiers, 2 invulnerability modules, 1photon shattering field and an XL shield booster. Got some other mods as well so if need be I can tank it differently but the above proved to be a good “omni” tank. Basicly it allows you to turn on the shield systems and then forget about it as opposed to the more sohisticated art of “pulse” boosting the shield.

And off I went in my new cap stable Raven to fly missions for the caldari navy. As mentioned a tedious and often boring job, but none the less a job that needs doing in order to sustain my future plans. More will come on that later…

For now I am just happy that the carebearing is over and we soon are back to pew pew’ing hostiles.


The carebear becomes a mercenary

20 05 2008

Stuck in empire.

Unsure where to go after such an adventure.
Was I happy or sad.
What did I want to do in a world of opertunities.

I have never been what is labeled a Hardcore Killer but none the less consider myself a fighter more than a carebear.
The option presented itself in the form of a small corp in the Hydra Alliance.

Hydra was a weak alliance and I never really setteled.
Hydra quickly came under attack from mercenaries called KIA and MDK.

Rumor had it that TRI (a big emerging alliance) was going to invade at any moment.
I was depressed that my new home was unable to defend it self but it did bring good things with it.
I saw the very first Titan class ship called an Erebus of the RA alliance.
My battleship bearly made it, warping out on structure with air wenting into the dead cold space.

The corp I was in eventualy reformed into WARN and joined our besigers…
A wierd feeling…

To be on the offensive for once. The bring death to other pod pilots for no other reason than being paid for it.
To become a hunter…
I was hooked !
I wanted to become a mercenary !

We fought the Hydra Alliance and I would not consider it a battle. It was wholesale slaughter.
Their pod pilots never safe from the small roaming gangs of elite heavy assault ships and lightning fast interceptors.
Did they bring more to the table it was met with battleships. Fully tech II battleships operated by seasoned pod pilots.

I was thrilled… not that I could hope to bring a full fitted tech II battleship to the table.
I was trained in the art of stealth and raids of Stain.
Did their ships “go silent” (a complete powerdown of the ships) I was ordered to launch probes and find the ship that lay dead still.

Death and destruction rained upon the poor pilots of Hydra till the call went out.

All pilots return to high sec space and await instructions…