Going out on a friday night

23 08 2008

It was early friday night but I was already drunk. I usualy dont drinkand when I do it has a profound impact. I had an argument with the Gallente girl. Arguments happen every so often when Im idle for long periods. I need something to do and the expedition to Stain had not satisfied my urge to swell in glorified combat.

Stumbling out of the bar located in the Jita station orbiting planet 4 I stumble into other pilots and civilians. I know im being rude but need to get some steam off. Im not looking for a fight but aint avoiding it either. Im mentally in another space where comon sense does not play a significant role. I need to get out. Not sure where to, anywhere but this overcrowded station where all and everything is for sale.

Salvation came in the shape of a buzzing sound from the neocom.

General KIA mobilization alert incomming…

Just waiting while the mico processors open the message I can feel how a wave of “calm” rush in to take the place of the urgency I felt before. I have a purpose again. I have a goal and slowly the world fall in to its proper shape. We all have this sence of losing perspective from time to time and KIA is a focal point that helps me concentrate and stay on track.

The orders is to get in Carrier fleet, stock up on ships and move to Obe. Rumor has it that the alliance TRI has resurrected and have started to push HYDRA from their space in order to make it their own. The name P3EN spings to my mind as the palce where we had some epic fights vs HYDRA. Never an agressive alliance they have however always fought back.

I have to sober up and get in another clone not full of implants and hardwireing. I rush to the medical center of the station and stumble upon fellow KIA pilots also heeding the call.

A quick blink of white light and we are in the TDE station in Geminate. Instantly transported lightyears away. Stepping out clone vat bay, I had a short shower before heading straight to the briefing room.

Eddz were at the speaker stand with Tjakka and some Daisho leaders as they laid out their plans for quick incursions in the Vale. Everyone paid close attention as the tactical situation of the Vale was explained and options laid out. eXceed, DOOM and some other corps were in the system of TVN having cleared out P3EN. Mainly they were busy decoration their new price, the outpost in TVN.

Of note is that BoB is roaming the north in their mega fleet not doing much but kicking ant hills and downing POSs. The Northern coalition seems to be unable to make up their minds if to protect the Vale or fight BoB.

This friday night KIA would jump to Obe and take up possition in and around P3EN and wait further notice.

Ending the meeting the pilots went for their “wet graves” and ships. A parade of ships undocked one after another while the logistic ground personel called for extra space on the carriers for Battleships, Heavy Assault Ship, Interdictors and Reconships.

I undocked Juturna and caught a brief glimpse of Varuna amidst a sea of ships, her heavy armor plates, protecting the undock point of her fighters, dully reflected the sun.

As more and more ships undocked I took up position behind the station to get a better view.

DAI was jumping their fleet in as well adding to the frustration of the officers trying to organise the logistics without collisions in front of the station.

In space there is no sound but yet space itself vibrates when the KIA titan enters the system. If one has never witnessed the presence of a Titan it cannot be explained by mere words.

The main stay of the BS fleet was subsequently bridged by the titan to Obe and the carriers made the jump themselfs.

A single hostile carrier was reported in Obe and an attemp was made to ram it out of docking distance as our capital fleet jumped in.

Well arrived in Obe the pilots changed into non-capital ships and moved into P3EN and took up position on the out gate to Obe, hoping for TRI to make their move as it was now their space being violated.

Only time will tell what will happen in this battle tested system called P3EN where fleets crash and lives are lost in firery glory. And so, for now, we await the response of TRI…

I hear Ombey after docking up Varuna updated his log on the operation, see Ombeve.



14 07 2008

For some time a project of mine has been in process and finally I am to see the fruit of the labour. The arrival of Varuna in TDE sparked the urge to press efforts and see the completion of the project. I called up the Caldari plant manufactorer to hear how the project went along and he proclaimed that he was very confident that he would be able to deliver on time.

I courtly told him that I would be in the system of his station within three days, on the very deadline. I could hear his voice crackle as he pulled one excuse after another as to why I should not make such a dangerous trip. When I cut him off and demanded to know why he could not meet the dealine he admited that the ship needed final adjustments. The problems he had faced ! War vs the gallenteans, higher minerals prices, strike and raised sallary of the general workforce was among to excusses. He even had the nerve to ask for additional money.

Was he interested in having capsuleers come by in large numbers ? No? I didn’t think so. We agreed that the delivery time indeed could be reached and that his team would double their efforts.

I boarded my trusty Megathron class battleship and headed for the system of the production plant. Arriving at the stinking excuse for a station, I could see the methane gasses color the sun in the horizon as fumes where vented from holes in the structure. Located in the outer rims of CONCORD patrolled space the station provided service to any and all who can pay. Workers are keept under the worst possible conditions and rumor had it that some even were slaves or druged into obidience.

I was not there to strike a say for workers or slaves, I was there for my product that I had payed for. Checking scanners I made a turn around the station to be sure noone was around that could present a threat to my ship or my product.

Satisfied I docked up and let my ship be guided in by the hangar drones.

I saw it at once. The largest ship in the docking bay. Workers still frantic welding armor plates and making final adjustments. The sparks of a thousand laser cutters and welders dancing like flies.

I turned my head away from the impressive sight and headed for the corporate headquarters of the station where I was met and greeted by a repulsive little person. Not disgusting in the sense that he looked the least bit dirty, smelled bad or anything, but some people just have a natural appearance that makes the small hairs on the neck stand. Vivid images of violated workers and slaves flashed before my eyes. Maybe I could make a exception to not mingling in empire matters…

He was very eager to convince me that the ship was indeed finished, but just needed minor adjustments. I had seen the workers weld on armor plates. I politely asked if armor plates were among the minor adjustments ?

As our discussion progressed I took pleasure in seeing him try to appear cool and business like behind his desk, while his collar betrayed him and took a deeper color as sweat started to fill the textile. I demanded that 3xCCC rigs would be placed on the ship as compensation for not meeting the deadline.

After some discussion we arrived at a deal that was satisfying for both parties. Well, I was satisfied anyway and he could always make additional cuts in the salaries to cover his losses.

I rented a small overpriced room to spend the night in, while the workers made “minor adjustments” to my ship. I woke up after a bad nights sleep. Feeling grumpy and only half awake, I walked down the corridors of the station. My feet brought me to the hangar and general docking area.

I could see her. Almost feel her and it felt as if she talked to me.

“Take me to the skies, fly me into nothingness. I shall never falter or deceive. I am Juturna”

I told the docking manager Scotty to prepare my pod, and shortly after I was lowered into the hull of Juturna. We connected at once, our systems intermingling, flesh and machine in a perfect symbiosis.

She had no war garments on or any modules mounted besides the capacitor rig that powered up at once. She gently lifted from the docking floor. I just let her hover there.

After 30 minutes I let the ship power down. Satisfied with the performance indicators and the interaction I mentally brought up the transaktion agreement and accepted the ISK to be transfered to the manufactor.

I will bring her home for fitting during this week if all goes according to plans and leave this hell hole of a station. Juturna will proudly join the ranks of the growing cap fleet of KIA.

A tribute to Varuna

9 07 2008

Patrolling the system of TDE in my crow my sensors picked up a cyno field being dropped. I homed in on the beacon and initiated warp-in procedures. Upon exiting warp I arrived at the slow pulsing vortex of a cyno field that was primed for use.

Holding off a few kilometres away I targeted my camera drones, and waited for whatever was to come though. It proved to be the maiden voyage of the brand new Nidhoggur class carrier “Varuna”.

I had ofcource heard of the purchase and congratulated Ombey upong bringing her home.

Ombey quickly entered warp, headed for the station and docked, but enticed him to do a fly by under the watchfull eyes of my Crow.

Behold a true beauty has been added to the ranks of KIA.