Catching a Titan

7 06 2008

Finally we are back were we belong. At the front line and in our combat ships. Orders went out that first OP would take place friday at 19:00. We were to meet in the system Airaken and assemble the fleet there.

Alliance and corp coms were pretty quiet when I turned up at 18:00 in my Deimos. At 19:00 we moved out with 30 ships of various classes. Heavy assault cruisers, interceptor, heavy interdictor, interdictors and reconships. All in all a very competent fighting force.

The contract we are on, is in support of the Goons moving into Geminate. They have taken the system of BWF-ZZ and are holding it while bringing in the capital fleet to take down the POS’s. Our small gang quickly went through the system as nothing is worse than a system filled with Goons. The local coms chatter is constantly filled with gibberish, obscenities and what is worse.

Our destination was set for P-E9GN. The trip was Quite uneventfull besides a mammoth we all tried to get a shot at but it simply got blown up too fast. New destination was set for 4D9-66 and on the way we ran into a passive tanked Myrm.

I flew beside one of our new additions to the alliance Midder of Obsidian Inc. who happens to fly a Deimos as well.

As we took down a Drake I noticed an alert on my neo com. Unferth Devastator pod transponder had come online. I reported this intelligence and reportedly Roadkill now had a Titan around somewhere. Not much notice was taken though.

By that time our fleet seemed a bit disorganized. For some odd reason orders did not go out clear and fleet members started to jump though stargates without orders to do so and when they jumped through some strated to align to next system. I really cant tell what caused it but we had a few new guys and we were comming back from from a cearbear break. Everyone should know how important it is to follow orders and hold cloaks.

That was when the Titan was reported in the next system. A clear trap had been lain by Roadkill in order to kill our fleet. A silence sweept over the fleet coms. Eddz took command and we made a count of how many HICs we had and interdictors. A member of the fleet reports he had a cyno generator. A picture became clear in all our minds. Catching a titan.

A quick survey of the troops concluded it was worth the try.

We knew there also was a Heretic on the other side and we would have to get out of a possible bubble. We all jumped in on order and started aligning. A doomsday devise has an approx 12 seconds timer from release till detonation. It should have been adequate time for our fast ship to clear the stargate and any bubbles and warp away, make a 180 degree turn and come back, trap it and call for backup.

To say the least it did not go as planned. Even though I was well clear of the gate and in warp the doomsday still caught up with me. Going over it later in our operations room well back in Airaken some of the losses was ascribed to the phenomenon I have described earlier. When Many ships jump through a stargate it takes time for sensors to readjust. Normally it is not that big a problem as we hold the jump in cloak but here we had to get out as fast as possible.

The result was a shattered fleet unable to catch even a lone Freighter had that been the target.

My Deimos disintegrated and I had to take the long way home in my pod that had ejected. Unferth Devastator and Roadkill had had a good start but we would be back for more. In retroperspective we would mostlikely do it again and try to trap the Titan. I hope we get the chance and it sticks its head out.

A quick trip to Jita and I was set to go again in a new Deimos, unfortunately I had to power down the engines as I ran into an old friend in Jita station. But our fleet reassembled and actualy got very good results later that same night.

Final fight in TVN

27 05 2008

It is friday. It is finaly friday. For some days there have been persistent rumors of a fleetbattle of scale. Gone is the tiredness, gone is the stress and in flows anticipation as the hour draws near. In the following event all numbers are estimates based on reports from Recons.



We have good Intel that Hydra will move out in an hour. Our fleet is at 45 and number only 26 BS. Once again we are outnumbered and numbers were expected to be higher.

Hydra reportedly have around 30 capital ships in their fleet and we cannot hope to match such numbers.

Fleet chat is buzzing with the new addition of Majesta Empire. We have not heard of them and therefore they are an unknown. Unknowns are not good when deep in enemy space with a relative small fleet.

Next to me is Cheese Monkey this time in an Amarr Empire Armageddon class battleship. Cheese being a minmatar of birth makes it wierd to see him command such a ship that has brought a world of pain to his people.

The fleet is currently running tactical warps to the Hydra Station in TVN making sure everyone is on their toes and ready.


Our fleet is still hanging at the TVN station. There is some discussion if we can take on the ammount of enemies that are present in Hydra Fleet. I myself do not belive we have much of a chance vs the 30 caps reported. But who am I to question the chain of command. The answer is we dont. While not completely mindless the fleet must work in unison and only one or a select few call the shots. On one hand we dont mind going against a seemingly bigger enemy, on the other hand we wont make foolish gestures.


Main enemy fleet has eluded us. 34 Majestic Empire ships are reported in C-F. Calls are going out to our Recons, our eyes, our ears, or life. “Find main Hydra fleet at once”.


Hydra scout is sighted at the station. If not before, then they now know all we have on the field. This is both of good and evil. We want to fight them. But on our terms. This means they have to know what we have and measure it against what they have and belive they have a chance of winning. It is paramount they belive they have a fighting chance.


We are pulling back to the Death Star POS we have in TVN. The fleet was drawn out and incoherent, a regrouping is nessesary. The Hydra fleet is still not located which is wierd as our Recon pilots know how to locate an enemy. Reports are filtering throug that the Hydra Jump Bridge is down and that the cyno jammer effectively prevents them bringing in their capital fleet. Our numbers are rising ever so slowly. Where are the guys ? Where is our mainstay fleet ? We should number around 40-50 battleships.


Part of the Hydra fleet is located. 30 battleships hugging a POS in 1-G. 30 Majestic Empire reported in C-F and around 30 unaccounted for. Rumor has it that Majesta is here to see the KIA Titan. To trap it. To kill it.


Tjakka is apointed leader of the BS fleet. No big surprise there. He has seen us through most of this campaign, it is only fitting that he leads the final battle of this contract. What is a surprise is that the titan is taken out of the equation. Some muttering goes around. There is mild speculation as to if the allies of Hydra is going to come to their aid. The answer we all arrive at is probaly not.


Our number has increased and we have now achived critical mass of 40 BS. Hydras hessitation is going to cost them. The enemy fleet is numbering around 110. If earlier reports were accurate then around 30 of those are capital ships, here to kill our titan.


A quick survey of the Hydra jump bridge network reveals that their fleet is trapped in the northern sector and either have to come through T-GCGL or OMW gate or go the long way around. The last is not an option as their dicipline is lacking for taking such a route. Many ships would be lost in the process and they have no way of knowing if they will turn up in fighting condition.

TJ order bubbles to be put up on the T-GCGL gate but leaving the OMW gate open for the moment. The idea I assume is to force Hydra to go to the OMW gate and then bubble is with dictor bubbles if the jump through.

The Hydra fleet is reported to be of 40 BS and 50 odd ships. I will not call the 50 odd ships for a real and propper support fleet but none the less they do prose some threat as many Hydra alliance pilots fly the Caldari Black Bird. Rendering a young pilot able to effectively shut down an experienced pilot in a full tech II fitted battleship.


A small Hydra gang jumped out from TVN through the OMW gate. Caused some stir.
We estimate that Hydra commanders will gater their fleet now and come for us. As time goes our fleet grows strong while theirs remain the same or might even weaken.


Setting up the support gangs and put more bubbles on gates.
Lost intel on the main Hydra fleet. They have left 1-GBBP.


Hydra Intel is comming in. 20 sighted in 1-G and 30 in T-G. They are moving. The fleet coms fire up. Orders are barked out, long range Spike L ammo is slammed into the guns, torpedos loaded into tubes. Running final diagnostics on the armor and guns as the Megathron powers up for battle and passive align. TJ is letting everyone know the senario he sees unfold and how we are going to cope with it. Our fleet number 65 now and is all set . KIA is ready.


Hydra is for some reason backing off and reforming in 1-GBBP. KIA fleet is on stand down atm. Telling the crew to go take a piss and grab a Quafe.


Fleet had a brief discussion as to head up to 1-GBBP and fight Hydra there is they wont come to us. A fleet discussion is not a discussion at the higher command levels. Its merely a discussion among the pilots of the fleet in their own com channels but ofcource the commanders pay attention to utterings among the fleet members.

Taram, a seasoned Recon pilot of KIA, was uttering his displeasure with Hydra retreating.

Capital ships are ordered to attack the POS holding the Cyno Jammer to see if we can provoke a response.


Local is up by 10 and our fleet now number 79. Once again, due to slow Hydra response time we have grown from a target to a monster. Had they went at us 1 hour ago they would have been able to field greater numbers vs a much smaller target. We will try to take down the Cyno Jammer so Hydra can use its capital fleet. The Titan is back online and a spurr goes through the ranks. One can almost feel how proud the pilots of KIA is when the flagship is in space.

Hydra is in OMW and T-G now.
Allies of Hydra in C-F are warping to 1-GBBP.

8 Hostiles reported in T-G.
30 more Hostiles comming down from C-F.

We are ready.
Cyno jammer is down in 2 min by caps.

Dreads are prepared in Obe for an emergency cyno in should Majesta Empire catch the Titan.

All battleships have long range ammo loaded.
TJ run the fleet in cloacked ship.

Local has droped to 107.

Orders are to hold till the enemy jumps in and then warp in at long range while they are trapped in the bubbles.

Local numbers jumping to 131.

Carriers are at the OMW gate. Heavy drones released. It is the Majesta Empire fleet and there is a special suprise for them.

As previously mentioned Majesta Empire was reportedly here to kill our titan and though we had the option to use the Doomsday on the Hydra fleet it was a very concious choise that Majesta had a close up and personal meeting with her.

Our ships a few 100 thousand kilometers away could feel the blast from the EMP shockwave that is the result of many ships exploding to a Doomsday Device at the same time.

The first battle reports tickle in slowly and everyone is urging to get in the fight and know what is going on. Carriers have their Fighter drones out now and support is sweeping in.

Hydra and Majesta it seems had a plan of jumping in through two gates at once. Im not sure what their intent was to devide the fleet and the firepower. But I assume it was along the lines of a manouvre that would catch our BS fleet between the two of them.

Miscordination in the Hydra / Majesta Empire chain of command resulted in the two fleets jumping in sperately and instead of being one fleets that can work together as two groups they were now two small fleets who are miles appart. One of them dieing awfully fast and the other about to.

The Hydra fleet jump in at the OMW gate and orders start going out. For some reason our own fleet is a bit spread thin. I can feel my ship vibrate softly as I come under fire from small guns of their support fleet as Hydra land their support fleet perfectly right on top of our BS fleet. To my surprise the main fire is laid on my heavy armor repair drones in the mistake that they contribute more than my ship in keeping the whole fleet alive. I watch my drones as they go “puf”. In general the fire is uncoordinated and ineffective when they finaly turn their attention to our ships and my shield is ever so slowly going down.

No need to draw the drones in as the enemy use valuable time killing them, in a fight where they are already short of time. They need to get out of the bubble and save the Majesta Fleet they must belive are still alive. Alas little do they know, as they strugle to get safe out of the bubble loosing ships as they go, that our carriers are already aligning for OMW leaving the dead Majesta Fleet in its wake.


Hydra stand and die. That you have to give them. They take a punch in the moth and keeps staying on the field. My shield is stripped off under the fire of an angry Raven that is going down. I dont worry too much, as it will be out of its missery soon and the hail of cruise missiles stop. I dont even call for being locked by our logistic ships as a precaution.

After a few minutes the enemy fleet looses its will to fight as our main support fleet and the carriers warp in.

Slaughter and chaos is the order of the day as our light and fast ships assigned with fighters run down the heavier battleships of the enemy that are trying to get away.

Our fleet stays while the smaller ships clean up the battlefield. As I pour liquid coolant into the gun systems, my guns slowly cool down. The local com channels are filled with praise from all sides and though Hydra lost they still have the honor of giving praise to a victorious fleet.

I return to the POS in TVN and power down the ship. This consludes the final battle of our contract and orders are already going out that we withdraw tomorrow at 15:00.

A bed ! A real bed is mine by tomorrow. I long for the week long stand down before our next contract. I will however miss the Daisho guys. They have proved a most capable force with a capital section of highly professional pilots. I hope we will fly with them again sooner rather than later but rumor has it they have accepted a contract that does not involve the scale we combined present.

Fly safe DAI.

Fighting in TVN – Paying the price

20 05 2008

Not sure what day it is. We have been patrolling the space lanes constantly in the system called TVN. It’s deep in the hearth of Hydra Space. Have not had a good night sleep in a while. Powering down the ship and spending the night in a pod is not my idea of fun.

There are pod pilots that spend weeks on end in their pod hooked up to the internal systems of their ship. It is not healthy and many fall victim to drugs and some even inject boosters directly into their pods. There are side effects of such abuse of course and seeing the human wrecks wandering about aimlessly in stations is a horrible sight.

We hit the Hydra Cyno Jammers constantly in hit and run tactics. We are outnumbered 1:3 at most times but occasionally we are at pair in numbers. There have been grumblings in the Hydra High Command that they are victims of spies that pass on vital Intel to us.

Spies is a risk we all have to run, but actually Hydra have far less spies than they believe. Those they have on the other hand are the worst kind. They would sell their own home planet for a few ISK. In the beginning we were contacted daily if we were interested in buying this and that information.
Many think that because we have a titan we would like to use it in the most disrespectful way imaginable. The full annihilation of a fleet inside a POS force field. But we don’t play that way, or as some would claim, at that level. On the other hand we would not stand back to use the titan on any other occasion and last night was such a night. We did however not have any vital Intel inside Hydra at that point. That honor of superb Intel befell our Recon pilots.

There was heavy fighting in TVN. From early morning to late night we fight. We all feel the fatigue.
Mistakes are bound to happen, but not that night. I joined the battle at a stage where we were outnumbered by a fleet 3 times the size of ours. Our fleet was happily busy taking down the Cyno Jammer once again. The TVN Station was bubbled so Hydra could not just undock and warp in on us.
More than once we had to pull out as the Hydra fleet undocked and got aligned for our location.
We had many cloaked Recon and Covert OP ships in the system. As I have mentioned earlier we have very good Recon pilots.

The Cyno Jammer had the full attention of two Recon pilots, the station had one, our own POS had one and another Hydra POS they seem to use a lot also had a pilot sitting and watching.
We know Hydra employ Recon pilots them self but they are not as effective in conveying information.

The fighting had reached a critical stage and the Hydra fleet started warp procedures to the Cyno Jammer. We in turn warped to the station and caught a straggler. Keydan of the DEFCON. Corporation and was first to fall victim, caught in the bubble at the station, he missed the gang warp of the Hydra Fleet and was caught and reported by our light support fleet.

His battle cruiser was reduced to a wreck of twisted metal in the blink of an eye, but for some reason my 425mm rails did disappointing little damage. The crew was reprimanded for having failed to maintain the guns properly and a hectic activity took place to ratify the mistake.
I’m going to have to fire some of the slaggers when we get down to empire or hell, even leave them at some low security space station to fend for them self. We are tired and mistakes are made but we have to keep a tight ship and never slag on maintenance.

We aligned back towards our own POS, at some point our fleet got stretched out, and as our doctrine dictates that the fleet should be within remote repairing range of each other we warped to the POS to reform.

At the POS we aligned for the Cyno Jammer once again and warped to it. We constantly had eyes on the enemy fleet. This time the enemy fleet had a plan, and we were about to fall victim if it were not for our Recon pilots. At the Cyno Jammer we kept a steady pace at about 70 m/sec. First the enemy fleet aligned for another planet than the one we were at but quickly discovered their mistake and aligned for planet 8.
We aligned full speed ahead ready to warp out. The enemy let a lone Sabre class interdictor warp to us 3 seconds in advance of the main Hydra fleet. This was where their plan faltered. Our ships warped out to a Recon ship just 2 seconds before the enemy fleet landed on us. A slight miscalculation unfortunately prevented us from taking on the Hydra fleet at range.

The two fleets eyed each other from afar. The tension could be felt from far away. The Hydra Pilots hated us for invading their space and wanted nothing else than landing on our small fleet.
Unable to engage us the enemy fleet commander warped out the Hydra fleet but for some reason not all were aligned and what was a large fighting force turned into a target of opportunity. A quick interceptor pilot named Skittish, was on the straggler in seconds and started pondering on the Typhoon class battleship. The small ship disabled the warp core of the enemy ship and held him in place till the main fleet arrived.

The Hydra fleet had had enough for one day and prepared to leave the system. Eddz and TJ had a quick communiqué and decided it was time for a titanic goodbye.
As the enemy fleet sat on their jump bridge the titan warped in and took out a large proportion.

Slow reaction will get you killed, straggling behind will get you killed and bad maintenance will get you killed. EvE is a harsh universe where the least of mistakes results in paying the highest price. We all make mistakes and it is only a matter of time before we eventually must pay for them.
Everyone pays.

Day of Doom

20 05 2008

Monday, god I hate Mondays. But not this one, this was going to be one of the best.

Coffe is a lifesaver in the morning and no less than three cups can make me awake.

We had just relocated from Torrinos, a high sec system with the unique property that it was right next to the lawlessness of a system Concord had seen fit to name EC-.

We had great fights with TRI and one time I was more close to loose my HAC than I would like to admit.


Right after Mondays I hate relocation. However our CEO had had dealings with an agent of an alliance that would like to see the head of another alliance named Hydra on a plate.

Hydra is known to me as I previously have mentioned I was employed by the alliance in a former life that now seems far away.

We started the exodus and moved through the low sec systems with our destination set for Obe. Blessed is the auto pilot in high sec systems. They have never interested me and I almost never pay attention to what goes on. Though they reportedly should be filled with hardworking and honest people I know better.

Everyone is trying to screw everyone and illegal sales of everything from money to slaves and drugs are common sight. The local chatter on the public communication channels is no different this travel than any other. I ordered the crew to complete radio silence as we slow boated along through one stargate after another.

When I arrived small skirmishes had already taken place all sunday. First blood had been drawn by the opening of fire on an unarmed mining barge. KIA had arrived and we were letting our hosts know it by sending in small raid parties to scout the area.

Ombey, McKinlay and Mikhalio had the honor of “first to draw enemy blood”

As a Phylacista mentioned when he heard of the barge: “and so it begins….”

As the day progressed Daisho Syndicate, Body Count Inc. and Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams showed up as well to join the battle. The friends of Tortuga was back to work.

The objective was set to take down the Cyno Jammer of the system called P3EN so that we could call in capital support in order to take down the other towers.

We started early so that we could take the Jammer down before the Hydra pilots could react in force.

A fleet of over 40 battleships enganged the Jammer, while a small force of Heavy Assault Ships held the gate to Obe and recons were sent into the IPAY system.

I myself had not gotten my Megathron class Battleship to Obe yet so I was in my brand new Falcon. I scouted the Jumpbridge that led to TVN and as I was former Hydra we had full intel on their logistic routes. Intel ticked into my com board that Hydra was on an OP with PURE to take down a TRI POS. I relayed the information and was informed to keep an eye on Hydra activities.

The Cyno Jammer was down to half armor when Hydra broke off from the siege and started to head for TVN (one of their major Hub systems). Desperate calls were going out that all Hydra members were to report in TVN and form up in battle formations. As they formed up in TVN we took down the Cyno Jammer and our alliance sneaked in a surprise.

A plan was quickly formed that the trap should be sprung on the Tower where the jumpbridge was but there were reports of warp jamming towers and other nasty stuff. We were told to wait on the gate to Obe for Hydra. We were sure they were here to fight for their space.

We waited a long time as the Hydra commanders got the fleet set up and finally jumped through. They warped straight to their damaged Cyno jammer and started repairs. Communication must have been bad cause from my cloaked position I saw no carriers or other ships that were up to the task of repairing such a large damaged structure. They did have 2-3 Logistic ships but nowhere near what should have been there.

When it became apparent that Hydra was not going to fight us we tried to appear small and insignificant by swapping out a large proportion of our battleships with Heavy Assault Ships.

Hydra did not take the bait or did not care about us. Their only priority was the Cyno Jammer.

Disappointed with the development Tjakka (TJ) took command in his Rapier and ordered everyone back in Battleships and to be ready at the Obe gate in P3EN.

The fleet got back and hit and run tactics started. The fleet warped to TJ, aligned back towards the Obe gate and opened fire on a target that strayed too far from the safety of the tower shield.

It quickly resulted in kills and the guys in the fleet made jokes on the fleet communication channel while we bled Hydra.

After a few losses they adapted and did not stray from the tower shield but came to the same conclusion as I that there were not enough to repair the tower and even worse they could not repair the structural damage as their engineers were only trained in basic armor repair and not the finer art of structural repair to complex systems.

The result was that they opted to shoot the tower and place a new one. Not a bad plan at all but again it involved them coming out form the tower shield.

Our fleet changed tactic and warped in to start repairs of the very same tower we had previously damaged. The irony was not lost on any of our pilots and comments went out once again over the communication channels.

We again got contacted if we were interested in buying information on the tower password. We all knew what that meant and it was yet another road we were not prepared to walk down.

It was late and I had to leave the fleet. I powered down all systems in the station in Obe and went to bed. Only to wake up to the news that not only had yesterday been a complete success but as the enemy fleet left P3EN they ran into yet another logistic problem in the form of too little jump fuel in their jump bridge.

The trap that was initially thought to be sprung when they entered had been changed to when they exited. The Hydra fleet had been milling about the jump bridge while waiting for refueling when our Titan saw action. In one swift strike the once proud fleet was decimated to wrecks in a fiery blast.

As quick as the Titan had entered it was gone again.

This had concluded what had started as a dull Monday.