The begining

20 05 2008

I became a pod pilot a year and a half ago.
It was really not an option.
It more choose me than I choose it.

A destiny.

So I set out in the universe. Like many others my head was filled with self-importance and a will to make a difference. Little did I know that the universe is big and fast strips away the self-importance though the desire to make a difference is still there.

Nonni was my first home and I was taken under the wings of a corporation called FM-C and placed in their educational division doing routine work. I had to endure this for over two months before I was given “my wings” and become part of the established corp.

Back then the average training of a pod pilot was at best basic at worst a pod pilot almost could not interface with the pods systems and operate even the simplest of tasks in the simplest of ships.

This has improved and the average pod jock they turn out of the state war academy is better suited to the hazards of space.

Suffice to say I needed that time in the educational division.

I started slowly by learning to align to different way points warping in and out, scanning belts, planets and moons.

We got taught how to operate the market and obtain better prices as well as selling goods.

After a while we got into combat training.

The primary function of a new pod pilot is the honorable “scram” function in a gang.

It basicly means you will die a very fast and very painfully death.

Finally one day the call went out to mount up and head to Aunenen.

Aunenen, a system where CONCORD holds no authority, infested with everything from pirates, missioners, traders and scammers. A real hole of hell.

I was met on the gate to Aunenen by a senior member who was to test me and see how I performed under fire. We initiated gang procedures and our communication systems hooked up.

He was in a Caldari cruiser class ship nicked the Caracal and I was in my brand new Caldari frigate class Kestrel.





As hinted earlier I was armed with a scram battery that can leave most warp cores in serious disarray.

The older corp member warped us to a nearby asteroid field and told me to stand by.

I spotted some Gurista ships which we engaged. They proved to be sought after by CONCORD which payed a handsome reward for their destruction. I never saw any pod eject from the ships so I guess it means total termination for the crew of the ship when they blow up. A swift dark and cold death.

As we rejoiced in the destruction of the Guristas a sole Incursus warped in.

It’s a tough little nut of a Gallente ship.



I was confused and perplexed as the frigate just sat there. I had never seen such a strange looking vessel and the stories from childhood of the war versus the Gallente spurred all kinds of odd thoughts.

And then things sprung to life. My corp mate was being targeted and I was instructed to put a “point on the sucker”. I quickly manipulated my vessels instruments and the target system started chirping away.

Lock, point and release of missiles.

The Kestrel vibrated as the standard missile launchers voiced their opinion on this attack on my corp mate.

I forgot my basic training of informing that the hostile ship was scramed and my corp mate called for confirmation which I promptly gave.

Things are not silent in a pod contrary to some beliefs, there are indeed sound but most of all there is a rush… no a flood of adrenaline!

I completely lost track of the combat as drones was released, blaster slugs from the Incursus ramming into my corp mate. It took ages, it took seconds I can’t remember. When the Incursus finaly evaporated under the heavy fire of missiles I quickly targeted the pod and blew that too, seeing the goo of it flowing out in weird looking sub-gravity bubbles.

My corp mate had quickly investigated the wreck of the Incursus and warped us out to a so called safe spot. The word was out all over the solar system. There had been killing in an asteroid belt and though CONCORD does not interfere they do log the incident. Destruction of pods are considered an extreme act of evil and little did I know that I was charged with this on my record and took massive heat in the aftermath and settlement with CONCORD as I had to go back to CONCORD controlled space. They let me off the hook this time as it was us who was aggressed first and it was my first offence.

While we sat at the “safe spot” we went over what had happened.

Conclusion was that I performed ok under the circumstances but he was not happy by my lack on “point” confirmation as well as I had hesitated when he came under fire. I blamed my slow reaction time as I was sure it was not hesitation.

3 days later I was let in to the main corporation and got my wings.

At the same time I upgraded to the Caracal cruiser.

I was invincible.

Who would dare to challenge me in a ship so large and powerfull.