Behind enemy lines

20 05 2008

Wednesday our fleet formed up. Wednesday, the middle of a work week and so far KIA had sure had its work and earned its pay.

Again Tjakka was to take command and there were general agreement in the bar at the station that it was going to be another battle in P3EN, if we could entice Hydra to battle.

Having treated them less than fairly last night the odds were low they would take another fight with us in that system.

We once again met up, formed the fleet and headed for P3EN. We waited for some time to see if Hydra would react to our provocations but all the Intel we got indicated that the morale was low and there were problems gathering a proper fleet to meet us in battle. Intel indicated also that Hydra would not fight us in P3EN at all.

A new plan was formed and the Titan of KIA was called in. We would cause confusion and insecurity.

We would strike at their back-end systems. Undercover and very hush hush.

A scout had informed that Hydra had another Cyno Jammer on a POS that was unprotected. At first confirmation was required by the scout as he clearly had mistaken some other object for a Cyno Jammer.

Nervous laughter was filtering through on the fleet channel as we realized we might go to battle based on information from a pilot who clearly had gone mad from too much Quafe and loneliness of scouting enemy space. He was seeing things that was not there.

The scout confirmed once again that the Cyno Jammer was placed on an undefended POS. Truth be told our scouts are of fine quality and we had seen stranger things than an undefended important strategic POS. The titan bridged us in and off we vent.

hush hush

Upon arrival we saw the strange sight of a completely undefended POS with moon mining equipment and a Cyno Jammer. For some time there was dead silence as we beheld the sight. Then orders went out to take it down. Down it went in under 20 minuttes.


Reports filtered though that a hostile dread was next door and we collectively held our breath in the hope that Hydra would bring in capital ships to a system that had just lost its protection.

Our own forces were ordered to rally the big ships and confirmation went out that we now had a sizable cap fleet ready if Hydra was to take to the field.

There was some talk of two Hydra carriers in TVN sitting on their jump bridge which further spurred the excitement.

A long hour later our fleet turned back towards Obe and cleared the backwater of Hydra space as it was clear Hydra would not defend their logistic lines.

We shall see what tomorrow bringsā€¦