Day of Doom

20 05 2008

Monday, god I hate Mondays. But not this one, this was going to be one of the best.

Coffe is a lifesaver in the morning and no less than three cups can make me awake.

We had just relocated from Torrinos, a high sec system with the unique property that it was right next to the lawlessness of a system Concord had seen fit to name EC-.

We had great fights with TRI and one time I was more close to loose my HAC than I would like to admit.


Right after Mondays I hate relocation. However our CEO had had dealings with an agent of an alliance that would like to see the head of another alliance named Hydra on a plate.

Hydra is known to me as I previously have mentioned I was employed by the alliance in a former life that now seems far away.

We started the exodus and moved through the low sec systems with our destination set for Obe. Blessed is the auto pilot in high sec systems. They have never interested me and I almost never pay attention to what goes on. Though they reportedly should be filled with hardworking and honest people I know better.

Everyone is trying to screw everyone and illegal sales of everything from money to slaves and drugs are common sight. The local chatter on the public communication channels is no different this travel than any other. I ordered the crew to complete radio silence as we slow boated along through one stargate after another.

When I arrived small skirmishes had already taken place all sunday. First blood had been drawn by the opening of fire on an unarmed mining barge. KIA had arrived and we were letting our hosts know it by sending in small raid parties to scout the area.

Ombey, McKinlay and Mikhalio had the honor of “first to draw enemy blood”

As a Phylacista mentioned when he heard of the barge: “and so it begins….”

As the day progressed Daisho Syndicate, Body Count Inc. and Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams showed up as well to join the battle. The friends of Tortuga was back to work.

The objective was set to take down the Cyno Jammer of the system called P3EN so that we could call in capital support in order to take down the other towers.

We started early so that we could take the Jammer down before the Hydra pilots could react in force.

A fleet of over 40 battleships enganged the Jammer, while a small force of Heavy Assault Ships held the gate to Obe and recons were sent into the IPAY system.

I myself had not gotten my Megathron class Battleship to Obe yet so I was in my brand new Falcon. I scouted the Jumpbridge that led to TVN and as I was former Hydra we had full intel on their logistic routes. Intel ticked into my com board that Hydra was on an OP with PURE to take down a TRI POS. I relayed the information and was informed to keep an eye on Hydra activities.

The Cyno Jammer was down to half armor when Hydra broke off from the siege and started to head for TVN (one of their major Hub systems). Desperate calls were going out that all Hydra members were to report in TVN and form up in battle formations. As they formed up in TVN we took down the Cyno Jammer and our alliance sneaked in a surprise.

A plan was quickly formed that the trap should be sprung on the Tower where the jumpbridge was but there were reports of warp jamming towers and other nasty stuff. We were told to wait on the gate to Obe for Hydra. We were sure they were here to fight for their space.

We waited a long time as the Hydra commanders got the fleet set up and finally jumped through. They warped straight to their damaged Cyno jammer and started repairs. Communication must have been bad cause from my cloaked position I saw no carriers or other ships that were up to the task of repairing such a large damaged structure. They did have 2-3 Logistic ships but nowhere near what should have been there.

When it became apparent that Hydra was not going to fight us we tried to appear small and insignificant by swapping out a large proportion of our battleships with Heavy Assault Ships.

Hydra did not take the bait or did not care about us. Their only priority was the Cyno Jammer.

Disappointed with the development Tjakka (TJ) took command in his Rapier and ordered everyone back in Battleships and to be ready at the Obe gate in P3EN.

The fleet got back and hit and run tactics started. The fleet warped to TJ, aligned back towards the Obe gate and opened fire on a target that strayed too far from the safety of the tower shield.

It quickly resulted in kills and the guys in the fleet made jokes on the fleet communication channel while we bled Hydra.

After a few losses they adapted and did not stray from the tower shield but came to the same conclusion as I that there were not enough to repair the tower and even worse they could not repair the structural damage as their engineers were only trained in basic armor repair and not the finer art of structural repair to complex systems.

The result was that they opted to shoot the tower and place a new one. Not a bad plan at all but again it involved them coming out form the tower shield.

Our fleet changed tactic and warped in to start repairs of the very same tower we had previously damaged. The irony was not lost on any of our pilots and comments went out once again over the communication channels.

We again got contacted if we were interested in buying information on the tower password. We all knew what that meant and it was yet another road we were not prepared to walk down.

It was late and I had to leave the fleet. I powered down all systems in the station in Obe and went to bed. Only to wake up to the news that not only had yesterday been a complete success but as the enemy fleet left P3EN they ran into yet another logistic problem in the form of too little jump fuel in their jump bridge.

The trap that was initially thought to be sprung when they entered had been changed to when they exited. The Hydra fleet had been milling about the jump bridge while waiting for refueling when our Titan saw action. In one swift strike the once proud fleet was decimated to wrecks in a fiery blast.

As quick as the Titan had entered it was gone again.

This had concluded what had started as a dull Monday.


Fall of the mighty

20 05 2008

Period Basis was invaded by our former enemy who in one striking motion swept away all resistance.

I have never witnessed such an impressive act of brutality.

Excellent executed down to the very tiniest detail.

We were taken off guard and in our general quarters.

Some pilots never even made it to their ship before the ships exploded.

Insurance companies screamed as the ships had hardly left the docking port before they blew up.

Some called it acts of terrorism and claimed that bombs had been planted on the ships while other claimed it to be insurance fraud.

Some sort of terrorism and betrayal was a taking place as what had assembled as a fleet was ambushed inside a POS force field by an enemy Titan. The encryption code had been given to the enemy and gave validity to the accusations that if they could access out POS they could surely also plant bombs in the Battleships. What resulted was a hectic withdrawal of KIA forces but the insurance companies paid up as they could not prove fraud and the POS encryption code gave weight to any claims that were laid down.

I found myself back in Empire space again.

I was absolutely stripped of money.
Rich on experience and adventure.

But I had managed to get a Raven Battleship, one Interceptor Crow, a Stealth Bomber and one Falcon out of the mess that was Period Basis.

In the system of Kakakela I found an agent that were willing to take me in so I could earn some isk.

We both know it’s a temporary arrangement as I will need an agent that can give me better assignments.

But I will make due with the current and who knows KIA might get a contract soon…
This leads us to present day and this starship log will take a more direct form.


20 05 2008

KIA alliance had been invited to join up with other likeminded mercenaries and form what was to be called TORTUGA.

A coalition of mercenaries with no strings attached and a permanent place to live.

A daunting plan!

We were ordered to get all assets to a system we labeled Cham.

The sight of it was impressive. The sheer amount of ships present surpassed anything I’ve ever dreamt of. It was not a fleet it was an armada. Spearheading us were a mighty Titan class Erebus.


I was to fly next to a Titan. I was to fly with 100’s of capital ships of all sorts.
We invaded what was called Period Basis to claim our price of independence.


It was a slow process and heavy fighting took place all over the region.

TPAR took the blunt of the fighting and my trusty battleship saw more Titan doomsday action and survived 2 of them.

Eventually the enemy crumbled under the sustained attack of so many combined forces that they were destined to withdraw.

Period Basis was secured and we started building an infrastructure.


I was almost back “home” in Stain and took some flight into the familiar space.

I led my first OP into Stain as I had the best firsthand knowledge of the dwellers, their capabilities and location. We did not find any prey but I considered it a slight success as we on the other hand did not loose any ships and were close a few times to capturing a Raven.

I even came across old corp mates from the days in FM-C. Some of them had gone slightly mad in the cold debts of space. One had become a loner and laid claim to an entire system. With a sole blaster fitted megathron he had scared any “would be dwellers” away.

We exchanged news and moved on.

So some time passed while we settled in Period Basis and all was good, but all good things come to an end, some sooner than one suspect.