Running the pipe

26 08 2008

Saturday we mostly sat on the P3EN / Obe gate but later a run up the pipe to TVN was planned.  I had played rearguard the most of the day. Nothing much happened. For over 5 hours I watched the swirling colors of the large bubble we had placed.

around 21:00 we moved out in a medium sized fleet of 40 assorted vessels. Our destination was set for TVN where small engagements were taking place between TRI and the northern coalition.

The trip was quite uneventful and we knew TRI was with their fleet in TVN so we expected no troubles.

Jumping into TVN was were the exitement started. The ship sensors of our ships were a long time recovering from the mass jump in and we lost 3 ships to a TRI sniper fleet that eventualy was chased off by a pure fleet comming our aid.

My ship was hurdeled over 100.000 km into space in an emergency warp out that my ship is predesigned to perform whenever control is lost for a certain amount of time.

As I warped back to the gate the first that came into view was a TRI nano gang engaging the Pure fleet.

TRI got out amazingly clean, loosing only 3 ships in an engagemnt that could very well have turned into a disaster had Pure had an interdictor.

The local comms channel, though not of the quality of the empire ones, contained  much profanity. I do not mind a witty remark from one fleet to another but the level that TRI displayed was amazingly low.

It clearly indicates that there is not as much common ground in TRI alliance as may seem. The leadership of most of the corps are old veteran pod pilots and are above such “smack”. A leaddership must be strong and one of the best way to display such is though the dicipline of ones pilots. The lack of selfcontrol of the individual pilot speaks volumes about the alliance as a whole. Anyway I wonder if they are ready to hold space.

While the KIA gang roamed the space I held my watch and eventualy powered down the ship in a remote location.